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Attenti, the world’s No. 1 electronic monitoring specialist for the past 25 years, brings constructive change to Australia’s justice system with innovative community monitoring solutions. Previously known as 3M Electronic Monitoring Services and operating contracts in WA, VIC, and NSW, we are committed to advanced technology-led solutions to reassure communities as well as the people whose job it is to keep them safe and secure.


Specialist Solutions.


Domestic Violence

Our innovative and world-leading monitoring solution not only provides enhanced supervision of the perpetrator but additionally creates essential layers of protection for the victim. The system rapidly alerts authorities to potential violent encounters. Most importantly our solution enables the victims of Domestic Violence to feel safe as they continue with their lives and supports the rehabilitation of perpetrators.

Pre-trial Private Bail

Our community-based GPS monitoring system reduces the strain on the prison services whilst Defendants await trial. The GPS system can alleviate Court concerns of flight risk and ensure Defendants adhere to curfews and work closely with the police to ensure Bail compliance. Currently in Australia, Attenti operates the Private Bail Service in NSW and is available nationwide.

Extended supervision order

Attenti has a tailored Electronic Monitoring programme designed to assist in the successful re-integration of ex-prisoners into society. Working closely with Probation Officers, Attenti can provide appropriate safeguards to ensure safer communities through 24/7 monitoring. 

Work Release

Electronic monitoring option for temporary daytime work release programmes allows inmates to continue working and upskilling to better support their family and community through their period of incarceration.

Short-Sentence Home Detention

An excellent alternative to incarceration for short sentences. Home Detention is designed to be both punitive as well as rehabilitative. 

Install and Respond

Field rapid-response service on hand 24/7 to ensure adherence to community based monitoring conditions and that devices are fitted and maintained efficiently and effectively.


Safety in Numbers.



20+ years of collaboration with global criminal justice community


30+ countries served


56 registered patents


400 monitoring programmes worldwide


200K+ individuals monitored every year


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